Our Mission
The mission of the National Home Funeral Alliance is to educate and empower families and communities to care for their own dead.

The NHFA, a 501c3 organization, is comprised of members from all walks of life (see who our members are) who share an abiding passion for the rights of families and communities to provide care for their loved ones. Our Board of Directors is a volunteer group from all over the continent donating their time, expertise, and love to growing this organization and spreading this movement.

2014 Annual Report

NHFA Board of Directors 2015

Front row: Lee Webster, Sarah Crews, Peg Lorenz, Sara Williams, Kateyanne Unillisi

Back row: Donna Belk, Lynn Barnett, Kristine Bentz, Zalene Corey, Anne Murphy (missing: Susan Oppie)

Meet Your Board 2014-15

Bios and Photos

Join a Committee

Your participation on committees is vital! Below you will find descriptions of what each committee does. Please let us know on which committee(s) you would be willing to serve. Thank you!

  • Conference & Events, Peg Lorenz, Kristine Bentz, Co-chairs
  • Education, Susan Oppie, Anne Murphy, Co-chairs
  • Executive, Lee Webster, Chair
  • Finance, Lynn Barnett, Chair
  • Fundraising, Sara Williams, Chair
  • Membership, Zalene Corey & Sarah Crews, Co-chairs
  • Public Relations, Kateyanne Unullisi, Chair
  • Legislative, Peg Lorenz, Chair

Conference Committee

  • plan and execute events that may include an annual or biennial conference that is open to the public and members
  • work with a professional or hotel conference planner as necessary
  • identify and reach out to sponsors and vendors

Education Committee

  • identify, develop, and make available resources related to home funerals, green burials; home funeral guides; other related information for inclusion on NHFA website
  • maintain a list of written materials (books, magazines, articles, websites, etc.), visual materials (films, videos, presentations, etc.), pertinent organizations for inclusion on NHFA website
  • maintain a bank of mentors
  • host monthly teleconferences
  • develop educational materials, resources and programs, such as webinars

Fundraising Committee

  • seek and raise funds to be used to expand NHFA’s visibility and offerings to the public; methods include grants, events, sales of material goods, or other ventures
  • coordinate fundraising activities with the Conference Committee
  • foster volunteerism and track hours

Finance Committee, led by the Treasurer

  • ensure that complete, accurate financial records are maintained by the Treasurer and monitor those reports
  • review annual budget and recommend approval to full board
  • ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations governing nonprofit financial reporting
  • protect organization's financial assets

Legislative Committee

  • educate policymakers and the public about the laws pertaining to home funerals
  • act as point persons for legislative challenges
  • advocate for families’ rights
  • cultivate partnerships with other organizations who share our goals
  • solicit opportunities for joint projects
  • follow topics of interest to report to the NHFA Board and membership

Membership Coordinators

  • maintain records and perform outreach to those who have joined in support of the organization
  • keep mailing list and membership section of website up to date
  • respond to inquiries from the public regarding membership questions

Public Relations Committee

  • respond to public inquiries & challenges
  • deliver information about the organization to the public
  • maintain the NHFA website, including Speakers Bureau and Workshop/Trainer listings
  • coordinate social media, Facebook, Twitter
  • produce, proofread and edit NHFA written materials prior to publication or distribution
  • produce a quarterly e-newsletter for friends and members
  • design advertisements, posters, other promotional materials
  • designate representation of the NHFA to the public
  • coordinate opportunities for greater public media exposure

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