We hope you find the right connection for your home funeral needs here. Our goal is to include people and groups who provide a variety of services and interests that offer as much expertise and opportunity to learn about and conduct home funerals as possible.

If you wish to be listed on a directory in any of the following categories, simply contact nhfa.paper@gmail.com. If you indicated that you would like to be added to a directory when you became a member, you must contact us at nhfa.paper@gmail.com with your information and a head photo.

We look forward to adding you!

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Disclaimer: Please note that these lists are provided as a public service to those wishing to learn more about home funerals, and that inclusion on any list does not constitute endorsement by the NHFA, nor is the NHFA party to any agreements between those seeking connections to individuals or organizations included in these lists. Persons and organizations listed are self-selected.

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